Thursday, April 12, 2012

You can run Mac OS 9 programs in Lion

It is true.  If you are having a hard time moving on to the newest technology because there are still some of those old, vintage programs that you just can't live without (maybe, AppleWorks, for example), it is possible to move on to that latest Intel-based Mac that you've been desiring, run Lion on the Mac, and still run your old programs.

You can do it through emulation.

Though I'm not going to try this myself any time soon, this certainly seems a promising way to go.  Here is a link to a discussion of how to get started:


You might need some help from your geekier friends to get this up and running, especially when it comes to getting a copy of the ROM you will need.  But this may be the way forward you were looking for.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

When wearing polarized sunglasses, all iPads go black in Portrait mode. Other displays go black in Landscape mode. 

This is dicussed in a blog posting April 6 by Jason D. Grady, which you can see here: ZDNet Apple Blog

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Sending an email to a group from an iPad

The way you send an email to a group of people from an iDevice is not that obvious. I tried a lot of different ways that didn't work. I'll describe here the way I found to do it that does work.

 Create a text document with nothing but the email addresses separated by commas and nothing else.

It should look something like this:,,

 Copy the text and paste it into the To: box.

When you leave the box, it will say "1 recipient".  But if you save the email as a draft and come back to it, it will say the correct number of recipients, and you can "click" or touch the description and the list of the recipients will appear as separate buttons as you would expect they should.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Blogging Apps for the iPad

If I'm going to get serious about blogging once again, I would like to have a way to do it while on my iPad.  Having my iPad nearby is often more convenient than getting on my laptop.

There were surprisingly few apps available for the iPad.  I saw Blogger, written specifically for this blog site, but it is only written for the iPhone or iPod Touch at this time.

I only saw three which seemed worth considering:

  • BloggerPlus - $2.99
  • Blogsy - $4.99
  • BlogDocs - $1.99
Since none of them are free, I'll make a decision once I see if I'm really going to be doing this.

Aerial images of Apple's fuel cell and solar farm

David LeClair gives us aerial images of Apple's iCloud data center under construction in Maiden, North Carolina.